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Jan 13

Choosing a Business Email Service

Posted: January 13, 2017 -

Setup Business Email with G Suite

The Email service you choose must be reliable and easy to manage or you risk missing out on business opportunities. Hosting your email at the same service as your website may appear to be easier, but I have learned that this is not a good idea. The resources required to effectively run email these days are so large that it will impact the website when these two are running together in a shared hosting environment. You want the best of both worlds. I have found the best hosting services and best email services don’t come together as one single service. It is best to choose the best, even for small businesses.

Lets first discuss a few details you need to know about how email works. A basic understanding of email will help you choose the best option for your small business.

Dec 31

Point Your Domain Name to Amazon S3

Posted: December 31, 2016 -

Point your domain name to AWS S3

This article is the last in the series. If you have followed all the steps leading up to this you have registered your domain name and uploaded all the edited files into an Amazon S3 bucket. You are now ready to point your domain name to the bucket so that it will be seen by the world using your companies domain name. You will then be able to conduct final testing and editing to make sure everything works right.

In this post we will configure Amazon Route 53 DNS to connect your registered domain name to your Amazon S3 bucket. We will also update your domain name registrar to point to Route 53 DNS.

Dec 29

Upload Website to Amazon S3

Posted: December 29, 2016 -

Upload to Amazon S3

Upload Your Website to Amazon S3

Once you have your website ready to publish, you need to move it to the server so that everyone in the world can see it. In this case we are using Amazon S3 to host a static website. To do this we need a way to move all the files and folders from your computer to the Amazon S3 bucket that we already setup as a web host.

In this post we will setup the software and permissions needed to upload and manage your website files on Amazon S3.